If your Microsoft Visual Studio settings are all messed up and you want to reset all of them to default settings, use these steps.

1. From within Visual Studio, select the “Tools” menu, then choose “Import and Export Settings…“.

Visual Studio "Import and Export Settings" option.

2. Select “Reset all settings“, then select “Next“.

Visual Studio option to "Reset all settings".

3. If you wish to save your existing settings, select “Yes, save my current settings“. Otherwise select “No, just reset settings, overwriting my current settings“. Select “Next” once you have chosen.

Visual Studio screen providing option to save current settings.

4. Choose the default collection of settings you wish to reset to. In most cases, you’ll want to choose “General“. Select “Finish” once you have chosen, and you’re done!

Visual Studio screen where you can choose the default collection of settings to revert to.

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